Mitutoyo’s precision measuring technologies are used in many different industries throughout the world.

Length, form, hardness, vibration, seismic tremor, and many other types of measurements are intimately linked to all kinds of familiar objects around us. As science and technology progress and high-tech products are produced one after the other, measuring technology too has been growing increasingly sophisticated and accurate.

Mitutoyo is a manufacturer of precision measuring equipment and continually pushes the envelope in the field of measurement. Our technologies are widely used in various industries thought the world.

A pioneer in the field of precision measuring equipment.

Mitutoyo~ history began with the establishment of a research center with the aim of producing Japan’s first micrometers in Tokyo~ Kamata district by Yehan Numata~ the company’s founder, in the 9th year of the Showa Era, i,e, 1934.

Since then, the company has marketed products based on the concept of “ good, cheap~ and durable “ , boldly enhancing new technology and releasing world-leading~ revolutionary, high-tech products combining the five basic technologies of machines, electronics, optics, computing and control.

As a result~ the company has built a sold position as a leading company in the field of precision measuring instruments.

Mitutoyo has also taken an early lead in creating a traceability system for conformance with national standards to ensure the highest possible reliability for measurement results. As part of this initiative~ Mitutoyo has established calibration laboratories run by spec ally selected staff both in Japan and at overseas subsidiaries, resulting in a rehab e system providing traceability to allow all our customers to use their measuring equipment with full confidence and peace of mind.


To continue being a trusted brand

I would like to start by thanking you wholeheartedly for using Mitutoyo products. Since its establishment in 1934, Mitutoyo has been offering measuring tools such as micrometers and calipers, and system instrument products such as coordinate measuring instruments, form measurement instruments, and optical measuring instruments, to markets around the world under the motto of "Quality First", and the company's products have since then been in demand and used by customers everywhere.

In recent years, we have not only pursued the development of nanotechnology but also responded to the diversifying needs of industry and cooperated in the promotion of IoT and automated technologies. With the measurement technologies we have built up over many years, we actively provide solutions to improve our customers’ productivity.
Mitutoyo will continue in its role as a world-leading company devoted to the untiring pursuit of leading technologies, providing not just measuring tools but also measurement-related technologies.

We look forward to your guidance and support as we work toward these goals.







Mitutoyo President


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