36510 Autosol High Performance Nano Hard Wax 1 litre (Alternative Code WAXH-36520)
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Overview This product uses nanotechnology to create the most advanced wax available for protecting paint and restoring color. It offers a tough and durable coating, protecting the paint against contaminants such as dirt, insects, road salt and tar. The clear texture wax seal is ideal for new paint and varnish in good condition. Top quality nanoparticles and polymer coating ar e excellent for long term protection, lasting 25 washes or 8 months. Content/Specs

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1 litre
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Autosol 16000 Marine Soap Stone (400gram Tub) Part Number:STOS-16000
Autosol 1500 Metal Wash (800g Tub) Part Number:WASM-1500
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